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"I really got control over my lethargic procrastination after having a good conversation with Paul. I explained the struggles and stressors going on in my life and he was able to guide me into seeing things I knew were there but didn't want to admit. I explained to Paul that I had been really falling behind in school, and all he had to say was "Get your damn education!" Those four words had stuck with me for quite some time, and I grabbed the reigns and knocked out 3 classes in a month. I have Paul to thank for that."

- Devon Tanner

"From the get-go, Paul White, is a true human whetstone for the mind, soul and body. Immediately after meeting him, I began to correct flaws in my mindset that keep me from winning! Genuine character, country boy whit, but with the intellect of a true erudite. Paul White helps you stand in your true-self; with raw naked-confidence."

- Emet Espinoza

"Thank you for what you have done for me.  You changed my life."

– Enrique Garcia

"Coach Paul is the most influential person I’ve met."

– Anonymous

"Good coaches teach, Great coaches inspire.  Everyone should do the The 1 of 5 course to be a better neighbor and raise the standard for everyone around them."

– Anonymous

"I read your Chapter in “I Love America”. Touchdown, Jackpot!"

– Dom “Slice” Teich

"What a great message. Wow. I will ponder this with intention."

– Anonymous