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Listen up! Congrats on stepping up to the challenge of becoming a champion.  Prepare to be tested. Growth comes from discomfort. Now put your shoes on a GO FOR IT!

WORK HARD DONT SUCK is a mentality. It’s a commitment to being a better version of yourself. Your life will not change until you change your life. This program is meant to challenge you on an individual level to IMPROVE your personal standard, IGNITE a spark that fuels you and others see, and INSPIRE change in your circle of influence.


Someone asked me, “Roscoe, all I do is work all day, what does WORK HARD mean to me?”  WORK HARD in this program is not about grinding every day at a 9-5 job. WORK HARD is a mindset that everything requires effort if you want change. Talking about things will not change them. You can't think about winning and become a champion. You are required to act. The process is simple enough, but nothing is easy. You have to commit. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to do the work!

WHDS Black Border


Don’t seek perfection. Rather, aim for progress. Don’t shoot for the moon when all you really need to do is reach for the ceiling today. One day at a time, make small improvements to your Mind-Body-Soul balance. Small changes over time yield massive results. The idea is to build the mindset of a champion and to suck a little less than yesterday. Every day the sun comes up is a new opportunity to win. Be resolved to suck a little less each day. Tiny daily improvements are the key to becoming the champion of your own life.



WHDS 30 is perfect for someone just starting out. This isn’t like other cookie-cutter diet/exercise plans. The WHDS 30 program is on your own pace, doing what you can. To get the most out of the next 30 days, commit to doing the plans in detail and completely. Begin to learn about Mind-Body-Soul balance. Try variations to daily routines. Modify habit patterns and re-structure daily events around requirements. If you can’t complete the workouts in one session, break them up, do what you think you can, but push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do one more. The feeling of completion is a win. Winning creates momentum. Momentum pushes you further and harder the next time. Be a winner.



WHDS 60 continues the process from the first 30 days. These 30 days in the middle are some of the toughest. The excitement and motivation from the start have worn off, and you are still too far away from the end of 90 that you can’t get excited about the finish yet.  This is where Discipline comes in. During these 30 days you will be required to silence your inner-quitter and rely on discipline to complete this phase. You will gain and maintain sustainable processes. You will establish new habit patterns and continue to improve your Mind-Body-Soul Balance. This phase will be the hardest to maintain focus and push through. Accept the challenge. You got this.



After grinding through the “marathon in the middle” of WHDS 60, you will gain new vision of the process and be able to see the finish line 30 days away. By this time you have established your new sustainable habit patterns. You refine your Mind-Body-Soul balance. This phase is the money phase. Transform into a new you. Imprint a new standard for your life. Inspire others through action and results. Become a champion.

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