Paul White

LEAD- They Will Follow

By Paul White - June 25, 2023

What Does Leadership Look Like? When most people think about leadership, they think about a soldier leading men into battle, or a CEO leading a board room, or maybe a coach of a football team. What if we started looking at the more subtle, less obvious leaders that we encounter daily? My boys are all…

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By Paul White - February 26, 2023

Yesterday, I walked out my front door before sunrise with my headlamp, backpack and no destination. The plan: walk for 12 hours. No phone. No music. No support other than what I carried on my back, no “end”. I arrived back at my house almost exactly 12 hours later, spent and sore, but clear and…

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By Paul White - February 20, 2023

My wife and I recently ran our first Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Races. We didn’t really know what to expect other than getting filthy dirty and having to complete some rather scary obstacles. We made it a point to arrive early to the venue so we could take in the entire atmosphere and really sear…

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By Paul White - February 4, 2023

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Fighter Pilot Lessons for Elite Levels of Performance in Your Daily Life. 8.5 minute read Crossing the push point at 15,000 feet in a 2+2 formation, I look to my left and see my flight lead a mile and a half just above the horizon. I start to check my systems one more…

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