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Paul "Roscoe" White

Paul “Roscoe” White is a retired 21-year Air Force veteran with over 1500 hours as tactical flight instructor in the F-15E, F-16 and F-35. He still teaches and mentors young fighter pilots as a civilian contract fighter pilot instructor.   Paul has also won multiple sports championships as a player and as a coach. Over the years, he has studied and developed strategies to motivate people to be better versions of themselves via a fusion of hard work, positive attitudes and solid character traits. Paul passes these lessons on to younger generations as a co-host of the Be 1 Change 1 Podcast.

Paul believes that anyone can be a champion in life with the right direction and work ethic. Join The 1 of 5 Project to learn how to Improve, Ignite and Inspire your way to becoming a champion.


Championship Winning Processes

Paul has a real-world history of highly effective championship-winning processes. He has been victorious in football and basketball championships both as a player and coach and was an F-15E, F-16, and F-35 Instructor and Mission Commander in the Air Force for 21 years. He still works as a fighter pilot instructor and has been a coach/trainer/instructor for over 22 years.

Paul has also raised three boys into fine young men who are respectful, independent, functional citizens. He has mentored everyone from young kids to grown adults, male and female, enabling them to tackle life’s problems by following a simple winning formula known as “The 3 Ps”: Plan, Posture, Perform.

The 1 of 5 inspiration

The name ‘1 of 5’ was inspired by Jim Rohn’s quote: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. But from someone else's perspective, you are one of their five. The 1 of 5 Project challenges you to look inward and seek self-improvement for your benefit and those around you. By focusing on the things that you can control and your own mind-body-soul balance, you can raise the standards of those around you as 1 of their 5. You are capable of much more than you think you are. Strive to be a better person than you were yesterday.


LEarn how to win

Whether on the sidelines in a championship contest, or raging in a fighter jet at 300 feet and 600 mph, Paul knows how to process the information, make a decision, and win.

If you require world-class life coaching services from someone who knows how to win in a wide range of real-world scenarios, The 1 of 5 Project is for you. Following a simple, clear process with the support of a coach behind you can be the recipe for success and the difference between triumph and failure.

Paul has been fortunate enough to have lived and travelled all over the world. The art of storytelling enables Paul to relate to almost any problem that a client might be going through. Paul’s background as a tactical aviator enabled him to become an expert at planning, executing and debriefing in a very simple, repeatable way.



Paul specializes in speaking to audiences and connecting via the art of storytelling, providing life coaching services, and enabling people to meet their targets. He can guide you to improve at anything from sports to your psychological health, financial status and physical well-being. Paul just wants to teach people how to win. The programs are focused on helping you to silence the quitter inside of you and become a champion.

Coaching Areas we FOcus on


How It's Done

Paul "Roscoe" White applies proven techniques from intense experiences as a championship winning coach and combat aviation veteran to serve clients with problem solving, goal setting, planning and performance. Roscoe will help you focus your efforts and control your journey.  Start with yourself.  Change the world.

As a speaker and a coach, Paul will help you focus only on what you can control, ignore what you can’t and positively influence your circle of 5, including yourself. By focusing on your own self-improvement and controlling your journey, you raise the personal standards of those around you. The 1 of 5 Project and the WORK HARD DONT SUCK Program are designed to help you locate your inner champion. Paul is ready to help you Improve, Ignite and Inspire.

Roscoe can guide you to finding your inner Champion.

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"I really got control over my lethargic procrastination after having a good conversation with Paul. I explained the struggles and stressors going on in my life and he was able to guide me into seeing things I knew were there but didn't want to admit. I explained to Paul that I had been really falling behind in school, and all he had to say was "Get your damn education!" Those four words had stuck with me for quite some time, and I grabbed the reigns and knocked out 3 classes in a month. I have Paul to thank for that."

- Devon Tanner

"From the get-go, Paul White, is a true human whetstone for the mind, soul and body. Immediately after meeting him, I began to correct flaws in my mindset that keep me from winning! Genuine character, country boy whit, but with the intellect of a true erudite. Paul White helps you stand in your true-self; with raw naked-confidence."

- Emet Espinoza

"Thank you for what you have done for me.  You changed my life."

– Enrique Garcia

"Coach Paul is the most influential person I’ve met."

– Jim

"Good coaches teach, Great coaches inspire.  Everyone should do the The 1 of 5 course to be a better neighbor and raise the standard for everyone around them."

– Anonymous

"I read your Chapter in “I Love America”. Touchdown, Jackpot!"

– Dom “Slice” Teich

"What a great message. Wow. I will ponder this with intention."

– Anonymous

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A U.S. Air Force Air Force F-15E Strike eagle in-flight over Afghanistan on Oct. 7 2008.
(cleared for release)(Photo by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon)
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