no new lessons

No New Lessons

In 2009, while temporarily assigned to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Captain Paul “Roscoe” White had a 48 hour window of free time before resuming an intense combat training exercise. Never one to shy from adventure or a challenge, Roscoe and two fighter pilot buddies made the ill-prepared and life-changing decision to hike the infamous Stampede Trail in search of the “Magic Bus,” the same bus where Christopher McCandless died in 1992 and whose life inspired a famous book and a major motion picture.

Adhering to a strict timeline and with minimal gear, they survived off determination, bad decisions and maybe even some magic. Constantly pushing themselves to overcome freezing temperatures, deadly glacial rivers, blood-sucking mosquito swarms, shoe-swallowing mud, and an ever-present hunger, the three men re-learned how to push through and never give up on a goal to win the battle of wills.

You will discover:

  • How to plan for an epic adventure (and what not to do!).
  • How to find your inner-badass who fights to the end.
  • How to pivot on the fly when plans fall apart.

No New Lessons is a true story about the pursuit of happiness, friendship, and finding humor in the Alaskan bush. If you love adventure, outdoor pursuits, or just need some fresh inspiration to keep pushing forward in your personal “wilderness” journey, this book is a must read.