Work Hard Don't Suck

I don't know about you, but my kids didn’t come with a checklist saying, “Teach them the following things before they turn 18.” So, after 26 years of parenting and many lessons learned the hard way, I wrote the checklist.

WORK HARD, DON’T SUCK is a collection of 61 hilarious stories that teach the life lessons and communicate the advice I gave my sons as they exited the safety of the White House and entered real life.

Each account—taken from the White family history—drives home a principle for my boys to carry with them so they can live with HONOR, CHARACTER, and DISCIPLINE throughout their adult life.

WORK HARD, DON’T SUCK offers valuable guidelines for living a balanced, moral, and happier life. The range of topics includes:

o   Setting goals--and making plans to reach them

o   Living with integrity

o   Developing discipline for every day

o   Exercising control over your all aspects of life

o   The three pillars of successful marriages

o   And much, much more!

​If you’re a parent, young adult, grandparent, coach, or mentor, let this book be both a checklist and a coaching platform.

For starters, let these four short, impactful words help you get moving on your journey toward a rich and significant life: WORK HARD. DON’T SUCK.