Knowledge is power.

We’ve heard some version of that before throughout our lives. Teachers, coaches, and mentors all use some version of this to help motivate students or clients to take a positive step toward become an expert in a field. But knowing is not enough. At some point you have to put that knowledge to use through action.

Sitting on your couch as the smartest person in the room doesn’t get anything accomplished. You don’t radiate knowledge. Those around you cannot pear into your brain like an internet search. Knowing does not produce results. Action does.

Winning is a process, and once you know that process you can repeat it over and over.

CEOs, coaches, and parents all use the process at one time or another, some without even knowing it. Knowing the process is one thing. Getting it to work for you is quite another.

Many people look at championship-winning teams and successful leaders and they can see the process. Countless books and videos are available on what the steps are and how they work. What individuals fail to understand or realize is the amount of work, determination and relentless improvement required to reach the pinnacle.

Football teams may be able to win a few games each season with mediocre practice habits, but championships are won by teams who are relentless competitors on and off the field. Those players, coaches and teams who do what others won’t so they can do what others can’t. The extra time in the gym. The hours in a dark room watching film. Practicing the same drills and plays until they can’t get it wrong. Winning the championship is just the performance of the work put in.

For you to win in your personal life, follow these simple steps.

Plan your goals. Execute the plan at a high level. Debrief the plan to capture the lessons learned. Apply those lessons to the next iteration of the plan. What’s between all these lines is the amount of work that must be done to hone the craft and set you apart from the next person.

The winning formula is simple, but not easy. You can put together a rudimentary plan, half-ass the execution, and look at the film later. If you just go through the motions, you will not achieve greatness. You must be tireless in the pursuit of being better every day. Develop the habit of moving the ball a little every day. Don’t panic. Stay engaged. Stay focused. Put in the long hours of practice.

I was once asked what it takes to win a championship. I replied, “Everything you’ve got”. From the team mom to the tee holder, everyone has to be locked in, focused, know the plan, and execute dramatically. All this can be summed up in a simple statement: Do the work

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